Site tests have shown in which when battery selection is kept

In a study of one company’s good battery pack rotation practices, the average battery run time frame increased from 6 hours Half an hour to 6 hours 57 minutes—nearly half an hour.

While warehouse and distribution center (DC) administrators continually seek to wring just about every ounce of efficiency and savings possible from their facilities, they finally are turning their attention to “the final frontier” of improved warehouse efficacy and productivity: the forklift power supply room. Left to their own devices, operators will take the closest battery (in order to create the quickest change) or that newest battery (in hopes to get the longest run-time).

Site tests have shown in which when battery selection is kept to an operator, 30 percent on the batteries will be underutilized and 20 percent is going to be overused.

The “correct” battery – the battery which includes had the longest cool straight down time since charging – could be in the back of your battery room. When proper battery rotation practices are implemented the effects PVC valve suppliers are dramatic. The result: uneven electric battery usage, premature battery failure and also lost productivity

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